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Your Dental Practice
Just Got Smarter

Enhance Patient Care and Boost Hygiene Productivity

RNA 180 dashboard
Boost Productivity by 20%

Practices that use RNA 180 see a 15-20% increase in hygiene productivity and a 5-15% reduction in missed treatments.

Optimize Patient Treatment

Automatically give your hygienists treatment recommendations based on RNA's patented algorithms. Remove the guesswork and liberate your team to focus on what they do best, treat patients.

Built on 30+ Years of Hygiene Experience

Gain access to 30+ years of experience running successful hygiene programs, available at your fingertips. 


What Hundreds of Dental Business Owners have told us:

RNA 180 moves you beyond possibility to reach your potential (without sacrificing your time).

  • There are staff shortages.

  • Their team is burning out.

  • There is never enough time to complete every day tasks such as chart reviews.

  • They don’t know how to fairly compensate their team and meet their financial targets at the same time.

  • They are spending $$$’s on software focused on open time but no change to their bottom line.

How it works

RNA 180 seamlessly integrates with your patient management system. In 15 minutes or less, RNA will analyze your data and your team will start receiving critical insights and recommendations on every appointment. 

Optimize your appointments 

With RNA's patented treatment recommendations, optimize your appointments with ease for maximum productivity and patient care

Access your clinic from anywhere
on any device

Review your charts from home and access your practice from anywhere in the world from your computer. Open RNA 180 in your internet browser within a secure cloud-based environment.


Keep your schedule fully booked

No more cookie cutter bookings. Book the time the patient needs for the work required and no more.

How It Works
Dr. Kendall

"What an app! My hygienists can treatment plan for the patient and not miss a thing."



  • Optimize every appointment with an intuitive calendar and appointment view that puts all the necessary information right at your finger tips.

  • Receive treatment recommendations based on patient history and your clinic's best practices.

  • Give hygienists full control of the treatment they provide while supporting them with all the information they need to maximize patient care and clinic productivity.

  • Manage your patients insurance information and always know what coverage is remaining.

  • Configure RNA to match your clinic's DNA so everything you do is based on your stan- dard of care, not someone else's.

  • Simplify your hygiene payroll with configu- rable payroll reports.

  • Use an actionable insights dashboard to focus your attention on production opportuni- ties.

  • Trend your performance over time and know exactly where and how you can improve your clinics productivity.


Which patient management systems do you support?

Currently we support Dentrix, ABELDent and Cleardent. We are working to bring other systems onboard

How easy it is to use?

You are up and running in 15-30 minutes depending on how much data you have. Your hygienists can start using it on day one to optimize their appointments and increase productivity.

Do you offer support?

Absolutely! You can reach us anytime Monday to Saturday 8am-8pm EST

Frequently Asked Questions

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