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Introducing RNA 180: Revolutionary Software for Dental Hygienist Management

Updated: Jan 10

RNA 180 is a cutting-edge dental hygiene management software designed to help take

dental practices to the next level. Dedicated to optimizing every hygiene appointment, this revolutionary patented software is the solution for the unique needs of today’s dental hygiene management, including addressing the dental hygienist shortage.

Through comprehensive analysis of dental offices, RNA 180 identified inefficiencies within the dental industry, observing disparities (up to 30%) between top and low producers. RNA 180 effectively targets and resolves those inefficiencies, enabling dental practices to optimize their performance with their existing auxiliary.

RNA 180 software has already delivered results for dental practices, producing productivity increases between 15-20%. The only software on the market designed to streamline dental hygiene appointments, RNA 180 has also proven to reduce missed treatment by 15%.

The RNA 180 tailored system fits the unique needs of dental hygiene management, so no aspect of an appointment is overlooked, and no time is wasted. RNA 180 features an at-a-glance view of what treatment is required at each appointment; tailored appointments based on what the patient needs; and real-time, actionable reporting that enables continuous improvement.

"Most offices are flat and have not captured (annual fee guide) increases, so therefore they are behind," says Janice Whalen, CEO and founder of BTG that provides dental temporary staffing in Ottawa. RNA 180 addresses the dental businesses’ lack of progress by optimizing each appointment with effective planning that results in increased production.

With over 30 years of dental experience, the design team behind RNA 180 has an in-depth understanding of the solutions required for dental practices to stay organized and focused on providing the best care for their patients. As a proven software that enhances patient care, increases productivity, and decreases manual tasks, dental practices that use RNA 180 spend more time taking care of what matters most—their patients.

Built on modern technology to support rapid development, RNA 180 offers "the great (software) experience we all need and expect," says Mark Oueis, CTO, who has built world class software for over 20 years. "As a newer company, we are using the latest and greatest Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered technologies which allows us to respond faster."

RNA 180 has already responded to the needs of the market including seamless integration with popular dental management software including Abeldent, Cleardent, and Dentrix. Additionally, their Dental Support Organization (DS0) perk allows access to clinic reports from anywhere and to aggregate them across multiple clinics.

Created specifically for dental hygiene management, RNA180’s patented software aims exclusively at the hygiene market which is frequently over-shadowed by the dental industry. The time-saving capabilities of RNA 180 makes the most of dental hygienist skills without over-working them, creating a healthy work-life balance from a tailored system designed to fit the growing needs of the dental industry overall.

Dr. Everett says, "This (software) does everything and more than the practice management consultant that I paid $25,000." For more information and to book a demonstration with one of our dental industry experts, visit our website at


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